Cupuaçu Pulp


    Experience the flavors of the Amazon Rainforest with our high-quality Cupuaçu Pulp. Harvested from the depths of South America, this luxurious fruit pulp is a culinary treasure trove, combining both nourishment and decadence.

    Boasting a creamy texture and a unique flavor reminiscent of a blend of chocolate and pineapple, our Cupuaçu Pulp is exceptionally adaptable. Whether crafting refreshing juices, smoothies, ice creams, energy bars, or jams, this all-natural ingredient invites boundless creativity in the kitchen.

    Benefits of Cupuaçu Pulp:

    • Rich in flavonoids
    • Serves as a valuable source of vitamin B1, B2, B3, proteins, fatty acids, amino acids, and iron
    • Boosts energy levels through its synergistic properties

    Eclypse’s Cupuaçu pulp is 100% natural and unsweetened with no additives. You can consume it raw or with a sweetener of your choice.

    All Eclypse products are gluten and dairy-free!